Monday, May 24, 2010

Loving the Rain

I have been loving the rain thats has been storming down with all it's glory during the past two, three weeks. It's really nice to be treated with some cold weather especially after the heat wave and all that. I have been loving sleeping till late which I detest usually, but theses few days I woke up and said "man...., how can you get out of bed?" and went back to sleep :D

I managed to get some cool pictures during the little breaks the rain took. Here are a few of the cooler ones :P

I have been enjoying the rain big time and I pray for more rain :)

I hope you enjoyed the post.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Ambo, after all those hectic studying days to fill our minds with utter nonsensical gibberish the 3rd of may was the day every one in class was looking forward to. The final exam was our C++ exam and I was loving it , I know all boring stuff but it gets me man, I enjoy it :) Which reminds me I haven't compiled in quite awhile and I have to before Everything gets replaced with all these guitar stuff!

So exams finished on the 3rd and we had decided to go on a "wul tour" (meaning just rasthiyadufyne) around colombo. The first thing to do was to fill our growling stomachs, and with out a doubt we head down to pilla. Have super good "Masala cheese kottu" and some "Lime coke". Although not sure if Chavie enjoyed the Kottu, he just had a few spoons. Any way everyone looked high after the kottu. We decided to head down to Galle face.

These pictures were taken while we were hanging out in the bus stand for a while until the bus came.

Galle face was sexy as usual. Isso wade, sea breeze, the spray the sea brought was amazing and soothing. We hung out there for a long time chatting since we wouldn't see each other in two months. I know, we have a two month vacation. *as waha, kata waha, duru wewa!*.

I all ways feel proud too look at this flag post :)

The foamy sea that day, reminds me of Alexendria, although it was not so rough :)

I wish Chavie joined this picture some how.

Galle Face never fails to satisfy us. Each day, offers something new. Head down there when ever you are free, satisfaction guaranteed.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Girls and Cooties

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong
That’s why I decided to write this song.

This wonderful lady is driving me crazy
Why on earth is she taking it so easy?

It took a while for this fling to mould
And I have mentioned it not to a soul

Now it's getting very obvious you see
When all my friends start talking to me

I see all of them become cold
When the stories to them I unfold

Of the craziest things that happened to me
During the past two weeks or three

I take great pride in the things I do
The way I give her a hint or two

Of how much I love her, and how much i care
And how much I miss fiddling with her hair

Her voice, her smell, how she turns in a while
Nothing could buy her million dollar smile

How much, How much I long to see her face
From this week to the next I'm left in dismay

As much as I blabber so much of her
Not a clue she has of me loving her

When will she know? How will she know?
When will she tell me if I got to let go?

Tell me soon I pray
So that I can head my own way

Great tales of love they say
Happen in very subtle ways

But mine as you can see
Is as sad as it could be

Girls don't know how boys some times feel
All they care about is their six inch heel

Maybe if she could open her eyes
She could figure out my disguise

I’m sure she too has something on her mind
Although she is acting blind

Now it's time for me to conclude
All girls have cooties some boys include

Hoping this dark cloud would pass away :(
So that there will be a brighter day :D


Friday, May 7, 2010

Swinging in style

First of all, really sorry for not commenting on any of the blogs, I was having exams all this days and I couldn't even lift my head. Now everything is cool and life is back to normal, although not for long :(

Anyways everything has been going smoothly, what are you guys up to? I have been fixing a lot of guitars theses days. it's really fun to mess with guitars, at least fir me :P I received a Fender Stratocaster for repair. I have been enjoying fixing it since it is the first time I got to mess with a Fender.

It's 70's Strat and it's amazing. it's purple in color. Look really majestic. It's a great guitar to play old licks. The pickups are amazing and it has a great feel.

I thought for a change I'd play something this time. I love playing guitar and this time it's on a Fender. it's actually a dream come true :D This guitar was fully refurbished overhauled by me. So if you need to fix any guitars you know who to call :D

Here is me playing sultans of swing by Dire Straits. I recorded this with Kalu Kella, sound is not that great. I'm playing to a backing track :D


Some of the hammer ons and pull offs are not clear. The phone failed to pick them up.
I hope you enjoyed the post. oh yeah, and sorry i look terrible :S