Thursday, May 13, 2010

Girls and Cooties

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong
That’s why I decided to write this song.

This wonderful lady is driving me crazy
Why on earth is she taking it so easy?

It took a while for this fling to mould
And I have mentioned it not to a soul

Now it's getting very obvious you see
When all my friends start talking to me

I see all of them become cold
When the stories to them I unfold

Of the craziest things that happened to me
During the past two weeks or three

I take great pride in the things I do
The way I give her a hint or two

Of how much I love her, and how much i care
And how much I miss fiddling with her hair

Her voice, her smell, how she turns in a while
Nothing could buy her million dollar smile

How much, How much I long to see her face
From this week to the next I'm left in dismay

As much as I blabber so much of her
Not a clue she has of me loving her

When will she know? How will she know?
When will she tell me if I got to let go?

Tell me soon I pray
So that I can head my own way

Great tales of love they say
Happen in very subtle ways

But mine as you can see
Is as sad as it could be

Girls don't know how boys some times feel
All they care about is their six inch heel

Maybe if she could open her eyes
She could figure out my disguise

I’m sure she too has something on her mind
Although she is acting blind

Now it's time for me to conclude
All girls have cooties some boys include

Hoping this dark cloud would pass away :(
So that there will be a brighter day :D



  1. All girls have cooties??? =S

    And just tell her you like her =D

  2. Why on earth do you want to get with a girl who has cooties? :P

    Remember what I told you: don't give these things more importance than they deserve :-)

  3. Cooties and the L word are one and the same? :P

    Every cloud has a silver lining. Hang in there, buddy..

  4. Stunning shot (and a wonderful song)!

  5. Messaiah :D
    I'm just having trouble letting her no. All girls have cooties at some point of time.

    Pseudo :D
    I don't know. Do i have a choice? yeah I'm sticking to what you said and it's a lot better now. Thanks :)

    Losh :D
    So the L word is "haraam"? =P I'm waiting for the silver lining now for long. Thanks :)

    Harsoon :D
    Glad you like it buddy, ah it was just nothing :P


  6. I love the way you've written this song-simple and to the point.
    No, I'm not kidding or being sarcastic :)
    From my point of view, it is a good piece of writing. Good work Baba. <3