Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I love to do

The past week has been really great for me, “everything is going according to plan”, I would say. I hope everything goes well. I have been waiting for this to happen for a while. I’ll make sure I write a post when it does happen. Till then fingers crossed :O

Leaving all that jazz aside, I thought of writing a post about the things I love to do.

My greatest desire is to hang out at the beach, I love both the mount beach and the wellawatta beach. I have not still got a chance to visit Kal-kudah or Paasi-kudah, which I dream about much often! Unawatuna and Hikka are good but I seldom go there :S So Wellawatta and Mount are my only options.

Wellawatta Beach.

Mount Beach.

I love hanging out at my place, it’s not that great but, the sunset is pretty cool. Every day the sky shows off the different colors it can make. She has something new to offer every day!

The sunset from my roof top.

I love Galle Face. I know lots of people say it’s “goday” but I find it very cool. Mainly because of the beach and the sexy pier. Galle face was really good last week, I had a good load of fun, with great people. The aroma the “isso wade`” produces is just amazing. The “achcharu”, the “shawarma”, make it one big carnival.

Both these pictures are from the pier at Galle Face.

I have developed a great desire for train journeys. This once I took the train to Wellwatta and now I want to do it every day! It’s a whole different world in there. The people in trains are really different. Not like the ones in buses. Most of them are very pleasant and graceful, and the bouncy ride just chills me out.

This is from the train, I think it looks cool :)

I love playing the guitar, I have no picture of that to upload :S

Sorry for not posting last week, I got really busy for no reason. I hope you enjoyed the post =D