Friday, May 7, 2010

Swinging in style

First of all, really sorry for not commenting on any of the blogs, I was having exams all this days and I couldn't even lift my head. Now everything is cool and life is back to normal, although not for long :(

Anyways everything has been going smoothly, what are you guys up to? I have been fixing a lot of guitars theses days. it's really fun to mess with guitars, at least fir me :P I received a Fender Stratocaster for repair. I have been enjoying fixing it since it is the first time I got to mess with a Fender.

It's 70's Strat and it's amazing. it's purple in color. Look really majestic. It's a great guitar to play old licks. The pickups are amazing and it has a great feel.

I thought for a change I'd play something this time. I love playing guitar and this time it's on a Fender. it's actually a dream come true :D This guitar was fully refurbished overhauled by me. So if you need to fix any guitars you know who to call :D

Here is me playing sultans of swing by Dire Straits. I recorded this with Kalu Kella, sound is not that great. I'm playing to a backing track :D


Some of the hammer ons and pull offs are not clear. The phone failed to pick them up.
I hope you enjoyed the post. oh yeah, and sorry i look terrible :S



  1. What can I say man... having seeing you do this live, on your rooftop, with lightning in the background... aaah! :D

    This was A-MAAAA-ZING! :) You should do some improvised stuff without a backing track, for your next recording... :D

  2. Un placer visitarte y disfrutar de tu blog y descubrir tu faceta musical.

    Saludos, José luis.

  3. DUUUDE .. * drooool * i want that :D and you aint half bad @ all, you gotta do a few more vids like this :)

  4. Where would we be without music to make our lives go with a swing.

  5. It's good to have you back, Me-shak!!

    What Dilli said... you've definitely got potential, man :D

  6. Ahhh so awesome :D wish i could play guitar as well as you!

  7. Wowzers! And you make it look so easy :-|

    I agree with Dili...more videos please!

  8. Chavie :D It's you, you have been pushing me and I'm ever grateful for that :D My inspiration, my all! i will try and do that. Although I'm afraid i'm not good for that. Thanks man, I appreciate it Much :D

    Jose` :D Thanks, Yes i'm a little musical. Thanks for your comments! It means a great deal to me! thanks:D

    Dili, Thanks man, I appreciate it much :D Thanks for dropping by! I'll try and do that :D Will let you know :D

    Glennis, Yes music plays a great role in our lives although it is very transparent at times:D tanks you for your comments. I appreciate it very much!

    Losh :D it is good to be back! i do? ok, :D i'm touched, no really! Will try and do something during the next few days:D thanks a lot for dropping by, I appreciate it much :D

    Emma :D Hey, very nice to see you over here:D Thanks you so so much for your comments:D I appreciate it very very much :D

    Pseudo :D ha ha, I'm laughing for no reason! Thank you, it's not hard to play guitar, just a little practice thats all. You should learn. Thank you for dropping by! I appreciate it very very much! really :D


  9. You play the guitar? I enjoy listening to acoustic guitar.

  10. I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar..:S just never got to it...

    the vid was awesome! you're guitar playing skill is like WOW!

    good to have ya back!

  11. Didnt know you are a guitarist. Hope exams were easy-peasy..:)

    There can't be anything better than music and evening sky like at your place.

  12. that was sooo kewl. I saw Mark Knopfler play this live in the early 80's and that was awesome - this was just as good..

    on a different note - touched that you used to read my blog and saw it last on your blog roll..

  13. Mei :D Tanks a lot for your comments :D I appreciate it very much. I will post some acoustic stuff soon. Thanks :D

    LD :D
    He he, it's really easy. I give lessons. Let me know if you want to learn:) Thanks, Its good to be back. Really appreciate your comments, it means a great deal to me! Thanks.

    K :) Well now you know he he:) Exams were good. It can't get better, you should come over some time soon. Thank you so much for the comments, means a great deal to me. Thanks!

    Maf, You are so so so luck to see Mark Knopfler play live, i would do anything to see him live. Was this at the Wembly in 85? Super. Thanks, it means a great deal to me :D
    I used to read it, you should post more often. It's been two years noh? thanks again for dropping by, i appreciate it much! It's blogs like yours that inspired me to start :D Thanks.

  14. YOU ARE AMAZING....more plsssssss ....:)..soo when do i get to see a live performance..????:P

  15. oh. my. gawd. shaa never knew you could play like this noh men! :D super stuff man! :D put more vids uP!

    also - u fix guitars??? machang i have an ooooold bass pick ups completely gone, need to fix the body also? can do? if so just email me K?

  16. Penny :D
    aww thank you. I'm truly touched, As soon as you get here. Come soon. I'll play for you definitely. Thanks for your comments and dropping by. Means a lot to me.

    Black :D
    I though you knew. See, this is what happens when you don't pay attention:P

    Yeah I love fixing guitars. I'd love to fix it. I mailed you. Thanks for dropping by. Thank you for the comments. Means a lot to me.