Monday, July 5, 2010


Not long ago I bought this dialog broad band package. It's kick ass until you hit 5g's and then it becomes unusable. I can't look at a web page forever no?, so I decided to take a break :) sorry for not commenting on any of the posts for a while. I'll do, as soon as I can get some free time on my hands.

So not long ago, I did my first wedding gig. it wasn't much, but I was really happy I was apart of the best part of he ceremony. So the bride's brother decided to sing a song for his sister during the reception. And out of songs he chose Annie's song, it's not a awesome song to play but managed to do a decent arrangement for him. He sang, I played, she cried, then like the best hug I have ever seen. I couldn't watch. It was great, couldn't have asked for a better first gig.

Leaving all that jazz aside, I managed to take a few shots here and there. I think they look cool. These pictures were taken at Galle Face Hotel. 

I hope you enjoyed the post.