Monday, May 24, 2010

Loving the Rain

I have been loving the rain thats has been storming down with all it's glory during the past two, three weeks. It's really nice to be treated with some cold weather especially after the heat wave and all that. I have been loving sleeping till late which I detest usually, but theses few days I woke up and said "man...., how can you get out of bed?" and went back to sleep :D

I managed to get some cool pictures during the little breaks the rain took. Here are a few of the cooler ones :P

I have been enjoying the rain big time and I pray for more rain :)

I hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. Fantastic close ups. You have come with some very artistic images of rain, despite all the heavy damages it caused last week.

    Love the watermark too :)

  2. I kept looking for a lanky lad with a guitar during the rugby, but failed to see one :)
    Hope you enjoyed the match.

  3. Oooh la la! Nice rainy macros man! :D

    I like the rain too but hate the fact that innocent people have to suffer because of our lack of proper floodwater management systems... :(

  4. who doesn't love the rain? :)

    great shots, great composure dood.

  5. wow, almost artsy-fartsy-ish. very nice, me shak!

    like GG said, who doesn't like the rain? :)

  6. Unas imágenes llenas de misterio y belleza, grandes tomas, saludos.

  7. K :D
    Thanks a lot for your comments, as usual. yeah, I managed to get a quick few shots, they came out pretty okay :P Thanks you for dropping by. I appreciate it much.

    Amilla :D
    I couldn't make it for the match that day, it was a epic match. Lanky lad, guitar, thats me :D
    Thanks so much for dropping by, it means a great deal to me. I appreciate it much :)

    Thanks chavie :D My inspiration, my all :D Thank you as all ways for your comments and help :) Means a great deal to me! i appreciate it a lot.

    GG :D
    Thank you so so much for dropping by :) Thank you for your comments. More rain :D

    Losh :D
    Thak you so so much for your comments! I appreciate it much. Blush blush :P

    Jose :D
    Thank you so much for dropping by. I appreciate your comments and they mean a great deal to me!

    I hope the rain will stop affecting people's lives.


  8. lovely Me-shak....i miss the paradise's not like that here..these days...we have burning hot weather...:(((((

  9. Thanks penny, Yikes :D Hope it gets better soon :D