Thursday, September 30, 2010

Galle Face Skies

Okay, quick post, Cause I have to show these pictures to you guys. I couldn't wait till my exams were over. Last week on Saturday, after a very hard day of work I decided to drop in to Galle face to enjoy the breeze. The atmosphere was awesome and I agree, it is now the best place to hang out. There is no other place where you'll get what you get there. The sun set, the cheap food and the kites, Just awesome.

Okay the main reason I went down there was cause I had never gone there after I got my new gadget, and that particular day the sky looked awesome. Check these out,

Now you see, what I mean?

I love the colors in this one, and the guy there has done a good job with leaving the foot steps behind and all.

The navy boat in a distance and the sun, what more can you ask for?

This picture was taken a few days before the Galle face visit. Gave me the chills when I saw it. What do you think?

Sorry about the hurried post. I have to be in class at 8.30 :P
Hope you enjoyed the post.


Friday, September 17, 2010


I actually got the opportunity to take some time off and pull my self together again. I have been going off track for quite a long time and I't was hard to sit and rethink of my priorities. I guess sometimes you just get carried a way and forget what you really have to do. I have a big problem, and that is I just don't know to say no. I fall into a lot of trouble cause I get pilled up with so much to do. Then I rush through everything and do a shitty job. I don't mean to but I have no option. So now I have been learning to say no, I'm giving more time for my studies and the important things in life and it's Good!

 Okay enough of boring talk, check these pictures out.

This picture I took when we had a power cut a few days back. 

This lamp was used to decorate a auditorium I went to. 

This was one of those rush hour shots. I like how it turned out.

I was all ways fascinated about light. How it's capable of directing and eliminating darkness. Without light, life wouldn't exist. There is so much we could learn, from light. I would say, "everything is falling to place again". The sun is coming out, and I'm loving it!

Hope you enjoyed the post.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chill

Not long ago, I had some really good friends of mine, Chavie and Inosh come over. Since our mid term exams and all, had finished, we really needed a break. The break was not a big one, so we decided to make the best of it. 

We did our usual trip to the beach that evening. I'm telling you, the Palliyawatta beach is getting better by the day. It's more like a big carnival now. Lots of junk food, music and what not? It's becoming more crowded each day. The setting is perfect for a good evening hang out. I would say without a doubt, it's better than many other beaches found around Colombo. The ambiance here is perfect.

With my new gadget in hand, I was able to take some neat pictures.

Here is a picture of the beach. This was taken from the pier like thing built into the sea.

This is one of the best sunsets I've come a cross. The colors, the sky, Perfect :)

This picture was taken with about 20X zoom. If you look closely, you'll be able to see a ship.

The moon showed up when we were about to leave. It was really gorgeous. The colors were very contrasting.

I'd say it was a perfect day. It couldn't have got better. Although I still wish my friends Yujith and Heshan joined us that day. Looking forward for the next time I'll get to chill out at the beach.

Hope you enjoyed the post,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ira Handa

I have been blessed with a camera with super optical zoom. I don't understand as to why I got this. I usually never get stuff I want. All ways get stuff I don't want . I have been experimenting with this fine piece of work for some time now. The only issue with this camera is that the slowest shutter speed is 4 seconds. So for long exposures, this is not the best. Although I all ways try to crank up the iso and get the maximum of the awesome gadget.

Not long ago, I tried taking a few pictures, I guess I ended up with a few neat shots. 

If you look closely, the craters of the moon (Handa) are visible in great detail. The shadows are also really prominent.

This I took when Chavie and some other good friends of mine came over. This was taken at the Palliyawatta beach in Hendala. The setting sun(Ira) looked really cool through the massive 26x zoom lens.

I have more really cool pictures of this trip. I'll save them for the next few posts. 

I hope you enjoyed the post.