Friday, May 14, 2010


Ambo, after all those hectic studying days to fill our minds with utter nonsensical gibberish the 3rd of may was the day every one in class was looking forward to. The final exam was our C++ exam and I was loving it , I know all boring stuff but it gets me man, I enjoy it :) Which reminds me I haven't compiled in quite awhile and I have to before Everything gets replaced with all these guitar stuff!

So exams finished on the 3rd and we had decided to go on a "wul tour" (meaning just rasthiyadufyne) around colombo. The first thing to do was to fill our growling stomachs, and with out a doubt we head down to pilla. Have super good "Masala cheese kottu" and some "Lime coke". Although not sure if Chavie enjoyed the Kottu, he just had a few spoons. Any way everyone looked high after the kottu. We decided to head down to Galle face.

These pictures were taken while we were hanging out in the bus stand for a while until the bus came.

Galle face was sexy as usual. Isso wade, sea breeze, the spray the sea brought was amazing and soothing. We hung out there for a long time chatting since we wouldn't see each other in two months. I know, we have a two month vacation. *as waha, kata waha, duru wewa!*.

I all ways feel proud too look at this flag post :)

The foamy sea that day, reminds me of Alexendria, although it was not so rough :)

I wish Chavie joined this picture some how.

Galle Face never fails to satisfy us. Each day, offers something new. Head down there when ever you are free, satisfaction guaranteed.



  1. What is Chavie doing? Counting birds? :)

    Love that flag picture and for a moment Galle face look like Alexandria with that famous colonial structure in the background.

  2. Good food, the beach, good company...perfect way to unwind after your exams, Me-shak :D

    I think your sea has the same character as Alexandria by the way - wild, majestic. Thanks for the link back by the way!

    The middle picture's eye-catching :)I think it's the colours..

    And I take it that 'Machan' is akin to 'Bro' in sinhala?

  3. love the alexandra-ish shot. too nostalgic!

  4. ooh the sea shots really the blue...shadeworthy indeed! B-)

  5. ado this Chavie guy looks hot! ;) haha

    Dude sorry about that Kottu business... I think Yujith took it home and threw it, what a waste! :(

    Also, nice pics! :)

    Also also, the last pic has a chick in it... how come I didn't see her! :O

  6. love the pictures mayn. gawd. ur getting gooder.

  7. End of exams must be a celebration time.
    I like the flag shot, flying proudly.

  8. Beautiful view of the sea. Never had masala cheese kottu before. But I like masala tea.

  9. I like the saturated pic shot at the bus stop best! It has a 'dramatic' effect.

  10. Glad that you boys are finally chillaxing...:)..i'm still stuck in exams...i dont think this will ever end...:(...nice to put images to you ppl..;)

  11. Lol K :D
    Chavie is counting birds, but the question is are the birds counting him? Yeah it does look like Alexandria :D Thanks alot for dropping by. I really appreciate your comments.

    Losh :D
    Yeah, you are right, machan is bro in sinhala. I find a lot of similarities. No issues at all. Yes, it's the best any one can ask for. Thank you for dropping by and for your comments.

    Flame :)
    It's very nice to see you over here. Thank you so much for dropping by and you comments.

    Girl :D
    I love it too :P I know the shades are divine :) Thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate your comments.

    Chav :)
    machan, don't tell sorry :) It's okay. YOu paid for it :P Yeah she was totallehy checking you out! Thanks man. It's all because f you :)
    I really appreciate you comments. Thank you for dropping by!

    Gadget :D
    Thank you so so much. Means a great deal to me. I hope I get better! Thank you for dropping by and your comments!

    Glennis :)
    Thank you so much for dropping by and for your comments. th flag shot is good indeed :D

    Mie :D
    You should come over and taste some, it's awesome. The sea that day was gorgeous. Tank you for dropping by and for your comments.

    Harsoon :D
    You do? It's my favorite. It does have a dramatic affect. Thank you so so much for dropping by. I appreciate it a lot.

    Penny :D
    Yeah we are finally chillaxing, have been dying to. I read that you still had exams and quizzes and all that. Hope they go well. Thank you for your comments I appreciate it much.