Sunday, December 12, 2010


I had the privilege of visiting Batticaloa once again. This time it was to help out with missions team I work with from Church. We have been helping widows and kids who have been affected by the war now for a little more than two years. It has been a blessing working with the team. 

I went up there last Saturday to help with the the Christmas Program we are organizing for the kids there.

Batticaloa took a different shape this time. It had been raining really heavily and it had made the lagoon overflow. The atmosphere was filled with silence. It was very different from the Batticaloa I visited before.

We were on our way to a School in Vavuna Theevu which is towards the A5 from the Batticaloa town. 

This man who was transporting grass was having a hard time getting across to the town. The lagoon was making waves and they were sweeping across the road. Looked beautiful, but was not that great for the people who took the road.

See how the road is covered with water?

These kids has come to the School to play. They were having a ball.

The friendly one, love the little fella!

I was always fascinated by the guys who carried firewood. Especially cause they carry an insane amount of firewood on those small bicycles.

Look at this guy :O Just amazing.

The smiles we were able to bring in to these people's lives give this awesome feeling of happiness and fullness. It just can not be explained. Once you put your hands in to it, you won't feel like taking em out :) Looking forward to do more work in the years to come. (This picture was taken by Kalu Kella)

On a different note, I have been neglecting this blog now for a while. Finally, Darling made me make a stand and start running it again. I'll try my best to post as often as I can. I apologize for not commenting on any of your posts recently.

Everything is better than awesome for me. When you find the best thing in the world it's a little hard not feel awesome and proud :P *runs around* heeeee B-) You just keep overflowing, and you refuse to stop. How do I keep up? ;)

Hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. Awww, sweet closing para! :) Love the photos, though it can't be fun living under such harsh conditions. Glad we'll be seeing more of you around here. :D

  2. The photographs are so captivating. I love them.
    Makes me think of how blessed I am, all the more blessed because I have you <3
    I'm so glad God is using you for His Kingdom work. I'm so proud of you MyLove.

    Keep rocking for Him.
    Heeeeeeeeeeee :$

  3. Wow! Awesome post. The amount of firewood those guys transport is impressive! That's very cool that you are involved in the missions outreach program at your church.

    The amount of rainfall must have been unbelievable, for the flooding to still be at that level. Is this a first for this area, or has it been known to occur semiregularly?

    The children look so happy! Glad that you are, as well!! :))

  4. Excellent photo captures and a beautiful post!

  5. wonderful captures !
    one never gets bored with the sense of overflow :D
    awaiting next post!

  6. Good post!
    I like the last smile. Why no sunsets?

  7. Great post and very interesting photos! I like them all

    Nice to know that you will be more active in your blog hereon =D


  8. Thanks guys I really appreciate all your comments! Especially ya'll taking the time to write em :)

    Chavie - Thanks buddy. Yeah, you'll be seeing more ;)

    Ji :* - Thanks love. You taking the time to read it makes me go all :$ I'm more than happy that I have you. Still, really hard to fathom! You are awesome :) mwah mwah! <3 <3 <3

    Amaris - No, it hardly rains thee. Just a little during the end of the year. But this time it was really a lot of rain fall. Thanks :)

    K - Thank you, I appreciate it :)

    Silent - Thanks, I'll try and keep up. I appreciate your comments.

    Amila - Thank you. Sunsets are on the way ;) I really appreciate your comments! Means a great deal to me.

    Anjana - Thanks, I really appreciate it.


  9. Fantastic shots and they provided a glimpse of the local life; Love it!

  10. Nice work pal, keep up the good work.