Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diamond Jubilee

The Sri Lankan Navy celebrated their 60th anniversary on the 9th Of December. The lads had put up quite a grand exhibition open for the public right up till the 12th and was extended to the 15th on request. It happened at the light house premises in Fort, Colombo. I had the chance of visiting it with my university friends. Here is a glimpse of what was going on.

The light house premises was closed to the public for many years and was open recently. I had never been there all my life and was really excited to visit the place.

This was the big entrance that led to the grand exhibition.

We visited the exhibition on the 15th, the last day. That evening the Navy did a show with speed boats and it was quite stunning.

Behind, is the Port expansion project in action. Formerly known as the the South Port is now being extended to accommodate more vessels.

Yeah yeah, my signature sunset picture ;) Gallicissa, there you go.

Yes, they had huge ass guns on display. Not a big fan. I saw many people keeping small kids on these guns and taking pictures. Many many posers were caught in the act :P

This was funny, there was a diver in a tank. The poor guy had gone numb and tired after being in the water for along time and waving at people.

All my life I wanted to see this temple, but I never got the chance. This was one of those desires you die for but never share with anyone. It was lovely!

The Fort, lighthouse. Was brilliant and beautiful. Loved it!

Had a good time with Chavie and Inosh. Thank you. Looking forward for more meetups.

Oh btw, I bloody miss you, and love you, JiJi :$

Hope you guys enjoyed the post,



  1. WoW! Absolutely gorgeous pictures.
    I love the guns picture; for some weird reason, I'm fascinated by them :P
    The backdrop on the speed boats picture is lovely- I just love the whole idea :)
    And the lighting on the temple and the light house make it look fabulous!
    Overall, your pictures are just GREAT! And ofcourse, I definitely love the sunset one-anything to do with the sun reminds me of you, Love ;)
    I miss you, and love you too- ALOT <3 Mwah!

  2. Nice, mate! :D How do your photos actually look better than what we saw with our eyes?! :D

  3. lovely sunset!
    thanks for letting us a glimpse of the missed exhibition :)
    keep posting!

  4. Great post machan!

    Love the lighthouse pic.

  5. loved the post me-shak. the light house and southport are my favs :) happy new year btw! :D

  6. This is a good post, with some great shots too. The night shots are amazing :)

  7. DiDi,I don't mean to remind you of things. But this post reminds me of Grandpa <3

    You've done your best Love, even in taking photographs for him.

    God bless you Angel

  8. I love the sunset... reminds me of a book that described a "blood tinged sunset". Keep clicking!

  9. Nice stuff Me-shak, Long time no see