Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Come out soon!

I always find it hard to keep this blog alive when I have all the time in the world on my hands. Like, during my previous holiday, I didn't post at all. I guess everything falls into place for me when I get extremely busy. I know it's weird, but I'm cool like that. I have been spending time these days helping darling find a good university to transfer to. recently I figured out the options available in countries like Malaysia and Singapore are superb. What do ya'll think? Other than that, I'm helping out with the construction of our new studio. I'll keep ya'll updated on that. It's turning out to be super!

I still have not got the chance to step out of home. Have been spending hours in front of the computer screen. So, very little pictures these days :\ I rarely take my camera out. Really wish I could make a trip down south or something. Was planing to do something with my university friends, everyone seems to be busy.

Got a few pictures over the past couple of weeks.

If ya'll can remember, this is the view from my roof top. The signature coconut trees :P

This was a few weeks back, if you look closely, you'll be able to see the aircraft. I love how it has left the trail. I aircraft is almost invisible. I find it cool. 


This picture is quite old, it was taken at uni a few months ago. I really miss sipping Nescafe and eating chocolate biscuit with my buddies. Can't wait to see them again.

I love how the navy boat is placed right under the sinking sun. I have not seen my sunshine in a while. Miss her terribly. Hoping to see her soon, and waiting for her to let her light shine down again ;) JiJi!

I have a few more pictures on the way. Will upload them as soon as possible. Sorry for not keeping in touch with your blogs. I'll do soon. Hope you enjoyed the post.

GOD bless



  1. Good job again!
    I love the aircraft one. It's plain and simple yet gorgeous-just like you! ;)

  2. First two photos are great!
    I would say Singapore is better than Malaysia, then again it'll be more expensive as well. Also it depends on the field of study.

  3. Well, it all depends on the field of study. For medicine there are various options available, but I dunno. Wasn't she checking out the US before?

    Nice pictures. And who was busy ah? Ino and I are rotting away at home without anything to do. :P

  4. Great pics, Me-shak!

    The plane pics is super-duper cool! It almost reminds me of the "invisible" plane that Wonder Woman flew in the television series. ;)

    After seeing all of your shots, i talked my man into ordering a Pentax X-90. :D It might be a few months before i get it, but i am SO excited!!!

    Good to see you around again! :)

  5. Wonderful collection of pics...
    The plane pic is one of those pics that you can never plan ahead...great capture !

  6. Hi, beautiful pictures.. the sunrise is gorgeous.. i liked..

  7. post more.post more!! :D

    am partial to the coffee plastic cup one. then again in my field, just the word coffee can make me smile.. hehe.. :P

    i dunno if i already said this, but post more.. post moree~~!!!

  8. Thanks guys, I really appreciate all of ya'll taking the time to comment. I really. Been kinda occupied with things and have been neglecting this blog for a while. Will get it back up and running soon. Thank you once again.

    Thank you gorgeous, I really appreciate your comment, and It's the first <3