Friday, August 5, 2011

Figters Back

Yes I know, it has been a really long time since my last post. Almost 8 months gone. Really sorry for not keeping in touch. It happens you know, the gaps increase between your posts, and you loose touch of that whole discipline that you work hard for months to achieve. But what the hell I'm back. And I'm here to stay!

It's the same old with me, how are y'all doing?

Okay, some interesting pictures from last Saturday's X fighters Jam at Galle Face Green!

The atmosphere was just breath taking. The crowd was superb. The noise, the whistles the applause made it a good spectacle. 

I'm a big big motorbike fan. I love to watch stunts and do all sorts of crazy things! I was properly broke. I couldn't even dream of affording a 500 Rupee ticket. I got a 100 rupee ticket, showed a sad face to the cops, got inside the 500 rupee stand, and somehow crawled my way onto the media tower. And here is what happened next!

The first few jumps were quite boring. Just jumping over empty space.

Then came the interesting stuff. Man, these stunts were just sick!

The first time I saw a back flip live. I could feel my blood rushing all over me! Gave me some kind of unexplainable high.

and yes, he actually let go of the bike in mid air!

I dunno what he was trying to do, but looks way cool!

Man this was one hell of an experience! Really glad I went that day! Waiting for the Jams to happen again next year!

Twas a quick post I know, I know. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! More pictures are on the way.
see you guys soon!



  1. Amazing shots...! I'm feeling all tingly just looking at them, seeing them live must have been awesome!

  2. Welcome back bro! :D

    Nice set of pics and hope to see more soon

  3. Hey glad to see u are back ;) And this is one amazing post to start with! Love the (flying) bikes!!