Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mohawk dude

After reading super awesome posts from Gallicissa, I have developed an interest to watch birds. I still have not got a chance to do a proper birding trip or anything of that sort. I'd love to do one soon. Where I live is not that very "bird" friendly. Even the little trees we have left are being chopped off -__- we used to have a crazy load of parrots come in to our garden but now, nothing! I have found myself spending hours looking at the garden next door. A few birds come there, once in awhile.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of what I caught on camera.

My first ever bird picture. The fellow was seated on our gate. Check the Mohawk out :P

This guy was trying to escape the rain.

I'm really bad with the names. I dunno any thing :\ Some help would be appreciated :)

I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Lovely pics man. The first is a kondaya (Black-capped Bulbul) and the second is the same if I'm not mistaken. Not too sure who the guy in the third one is though. :)

  2. *sorry, that should've read red-vented bulbul :)

  3. Nice ones. Hope Gallicissa will be able to give a detailed explanation on each photo :)

  4. Great work mate! Very impressive 1st attempt for sure :D

    I have read in somewhere that the best is to start bird photography is you own backyard. so keep on clicking like crazy … lol

    Sorry bro; can’t help you out with the names (cos I’m also in the same boat) haha

  5. Great pics!

    The Mohawked subjects rock! ;)

    I like the raindrop accents in the 3rd pic - it's very peaceful.

    Amazing detail in all... Have i mentioned recently that i ♥ your camera? :D

    Can't wait to see more. :)

  6. Great mohawk, and all natural.Nice photo.

  7. wow! you're getting really good at this!!

    Very Impressive!

  8. beautiful pics! All those from your garden ? wow!
    the last one ...my guess is a wee kurulla :)

  9. hey,nice shots.
    appreciable especially last 2. :)

  10. naice.. interesting deviation from your usual subjects of photography, though no less fascinating :) thanks for sharing, me-shak!

  11. Greetings from a sunny and awesome Tissamaharama!

    Very pleased to know that I've inspired you to be a bird watcher!

    As Chavie has correctly identified, the first is Red-vented Bulbul known commonly as kondakurulla or konddaya. Angel is right, the last is a wee-kurulla.

    Scaly-bellied Munia is an unprotected species in SL, as it is considered as agricultural pest. And those who have have apala asked to release caged birds, often release Scaly-bellied Munias, as they can be held in captivity without a problem in this country...

  12. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it. Thank you Amila and Chavie for that insight of the birds. I know Amaris <3