Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Passi in all her Glory

My mom didn’t have to put up a fight this time, I agreed with no issues at all. I usually don’t like to attend weddings and parties where my greater family is also a part of the chaos, my guys are a little problematic. This time I agreed with no hassle at all to go for a Home coming ceremony in Passikudah, Baticaloa.  You might have already realized why I agreed without any hesitation. Well if you didn’t, one of the best frigging beaches found on this paradise island is right there, in Passikudah.

I was a little afraid the ride would be really tiring since the host of the trip and the party had hired a not so comfy bus. It was one of those Ashok Leyland buses, not the nasty, ugly, angry looking ones that play shitty “octa pad” music, but the decent ones with a good head rest seat and all. The plan was to leave by 5 in the morning but you know as usual it was 7 when we left, the codda(coordinator) had fallen asleep.

It was raining heavily, the night before and the roads were all muddy and ugly. The bus speeded through the winding roads splitting puddles in half, up until Kerunegala. The road from there on is quite straight. So as usual I was shouting out loud, to stop in the “Kurunegala Kaley” to have poll roti and bim maal,and no one heard me, Jesus Christ!

Being the “kiri panu gaaya” fellow, I couldn’t sit for long in the seat. So I decided to go sit in the foot board step, the place I usually end up on any trip I take in a bus. I managed to hit a few good shots here and there.

We arrived at Passikudah at around 4 in the afternoon. Everyone was full “hunter”, so they quietly walked into their rooms to get ready for the party. The party was horrid, the food was, *I’m going to puke face*, but it didn’t matter. The only thing playing in my head was the Sun rise over the eastern sea of Sri Lanka! I told amma I had to go see it. I asked them to join me; they said okay, I went to sleep with the alarm set to 5.15.

So I wake up from my not so comfortable bed, the ground, to the sound of my “Kalu Kella” calling me to go see the beach :D Everyone was fast asleep. I woke them up and all they said was, uuhhhh, and they went back to bed, even Nunga! I put on my red mal mal Shorts and headed down to the beach, which as I was informed was not so far away. I had no clue how to get to it. So now I’m down the pathway leading to the main gate. I was hoping the gate won’t be closed, and as usual, the exact opposite to what I hoped happened, the gate was locked with a inch thick Ibba(padlock). I was a little reluctant to jump over it because this one had major spikes on it. But what the hell I was late, so I did it, *proud*.

So I was expecting to hear at least the waves crashing but, nothing coming*crazy Indian hand motion*! And for my luck I met a fisherman on his way to his boat and I got directions. As I headed down the bend and turned, there she was in all her glory, calm as ever, blue in color, sexy, wiggly, waiting for me! I was so turned on :P And this is what the rest of my story looked like.

So when I walked into the beach, it was really blue. I was just struck in awe. No one was on the beach. Not even a dog, not even a crow, pin drop silence.

Waiting for the sun to come.

Result of boredom, trying to be artistic :P

Waiting........, if you didn't know, it's the hardest part :D

There she came, with a great smile.

The army post on the beach, how lucky :) *sigh*

It's the center of the bay. It's quite dangerous dipping here. Two boys, ## , not too long ago

I hung out at the beach for as long as I could. When will I get another chance? It was amazing. I can't explain, the beauty she was showing off that day. So far the best I have seen. It was worth all the hassle.

Check out my Flickr photo stream for the whole set of pictures. The sunrise looks really cool, really :D

I hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. me too hate wedding gatherings.

    and woah at the pics. i love the shell pic the most. super!

  2. Lovely shots! Random question, was there much garbage on the beach at Passikudah?

  3. Weddings :S Love all the pictures, fav's are the bluest blue and last shot :)Even the road there is scenic...You are superbly lucky, me-shak!

    Hiring buses to cart friends and family around are the norm there? Interesting..

  4. Love the pics! and I'm so jealous...I've never been to the East :(

  5. Whoa at the pics, although I did get an early screening! :D

    You never told me about the adventure no? Nice one, jumping over gates and all! :D

  6. hehehehe..still want to be an Army post????..nice Me-shak...i wanna come home....:)

  7. I have never been to the East too! :(
    Would have killed to be on that beach at dawn! Lovely pics, Me-shak!

  8. GG :D
    The wedding I attend to with my greater family is chaos. It's best if I stay at home, but what happens there is utterly comical, so, I some times miss the comi and GO :D thank you for dropping by and your comments. Means a great deal to me :)

    Offthebeaten :D Thank you, it's very exciting to see you over here and to hear those comments from you was the best thing ever. Well the beach wasn't as bad. But it's very commercialized now and there is a proper amount of litter lying around :( Since you visited Kalkudah you should have dropped in to Passi :D thanks again.

    Losh :D The wedding are a big mess :P I know I'm lucky, the voices said so :P *looks at sabby*. Yeah you should come visit. The roads are super, can hit 120 in no time. That is not the norm, but our families have a unusually large number of members. So we have no option. Thank you for dropping by, i appreciate your comments very much :D

    Pseudo :D
    Thanks. So will do some thing the next time you come. hope on a train go see the sun rise :D Thank you for dropping by and your comments. means a great deal to me. Thanks :D

    Chavie :D I saw you woha-ing the whole time, i'm not surprised :P Thank you, it's all because of you. Come over soon again :D may be you were not listening :P Thank you so so much for your comments, means a great deal to me. thanks.

    Penny :D
    It's just for safety :) Thank you so so much for your comments as usual. Means a great deal to me. So come home soon :D Thank you for dropping by :)

    Sabby :D
    So we should do some thing about that soon, may be goo to the east :) I know, it was the best thing ever, I mean, how often do we get to see the sunrise noh? Thank you so so much for dropping by, I appreciate it much. thank you for your comments.


  9. Very beautiful beach you have there, and you also have a family wedding to attend, I eagerly await the wedding photos as your weddings are so different from ours.

  10. Glennis :D Thank you so much for dropping by. Sadly I did not take any pictures at the wedding. may be I'll take some when I go for another wedding and upload em. I appreciate your comments very much.


  11. I like the 3rd shot best! The geometric effect's great.

  12. Thanks Harsoon i appreciate your comments.