Friday, September 17, 2010


I actually got the opportunity to take some time off and pull my self together again. I have been going off track for quite a long time and I't was hard to sit and rethink of my priorities. I guess sometimes you just get carried a way and forget what you really have to do. I have a big problem, and that is I just don't know to say no. I fall into a lot of trouble cause I get pilled up with so much to do. Then I rush through everything and do a shitty job. I don't mean to but I have no option. So now I have been learning to say no, I'm giving more time for my studies and the important things in life and it's Good!

 Okay enough of boring talk, check these pictures out.

This picture I took when we had a power cut a few days back. 

This lamp was used to decorate a auditorium I went to. 

This was one of those rush hour shots. I like how it turned out.

I was all ways fascinated about light. How it's capable of directing and eliminating darkness. Without light, life wouldn't exist. There is so much we could learn, from light. I would say, "everything is falling to place again". The sun is coming out, and I'm loving it!

Hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. doooood!!

    i understand the shitty job. it sucks. procrastination it is. :I

  2. I really like these photos! They are all beautiful. I hope that your path gets smoothed out a little more, so that you can go farther - faster. :)

    I have a set of cards that says, "When the world seems not so bright, follow the light." I'll have to scan it in, so you can see how cute it is. ;)

    Glad to see you're back! :D

  3. Hehe keep it cool bro! Hope you are doing ok by now :D

    Great observation of light and these pics are top class. That 3rd pic is a real stunner.

  4. Good change from your sunset and beach captures.
    I like the first one the best. Don't try macro with suh light sources, as you would risk damaging the outer coating of your lens.

  5. You do not have lamps to light during power cuts? We used to have those in our ancestral home. Of course those days we had frequent power cuts.

  6. Very nice pictures! I love the one of the sun. Have been trying to capture something good like that for ages without any luck. :)

    Glad you rethought your priorities man. These few years are crucial and you'll never have them back, so make the most out of them. :)

  7. There is a time of life when things start falling in to place...and you start seeing clearly and trust me it feels great!

    Hope things are good by now :)

    About the pics I like the last one best. you know, the best things in life happen when you least expect it. And this is the best example !

  8. Nice work man! You seem to enjoy your camera. But Shak, yep do your studies man, what ever I do everything is second to my school work, even though I party like no tomorrow. In a few years you will be done and you can do all those crazy stuff then!

  9. GG :D
    Thanks for your lovely comments as usual. I'm working on it and it's much better now :) Thank you, I really appreciate it.

    Amaris :D
    Thanks, I really appreciate your very kind words. Aww, that is so sweet of you. Looking forward to see those. Thank you once again.

    Aanjana :D
    Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it. I'm okay now. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

    Gallicissa :D
    Thank you. To hear that from you means a great deal to me. Okay, I didn't know that the sun could affect your lens. I just searched for it, thanks Amila. You saved me from a lot of trouble. I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

    K :D
    We still use them :P Thank you for your comments as usual. I really appreciate it.

    Chavie :D
    Thanks man, I have been getting back on track cause of you guys, and I'll never be able to say how thankful I am. Thank you. Dude, your pictures are way batter than mine. Thank you for the comments once again. I really appreciate it.

    SM :D
    Yes, and I agree, it feels bloody good. Things are going great now, thank you. Thanks I really appreciate it. I totally get what you mean. thank you once again.

    Magerata :)
    Thanks man, I really appreciate your super awesome comments. Yes, I have been figuring out that part these days and I believe that I'll do a better job from now on. Thank you once again.


  10. Like the honesty and the simplicity of the post and the pictures, well done!

  11. Tres luces diferentes y las tres muy importantes, has captado la magia de la luz, felicidades.


  12. I like the way you play with the lights. The last shot with the leaves is amazing!

  13. It's good to always remind ourselves to keep first things first. Prioritizing is important.

  14. Aufidius :D
    Thanks, It means a great deal to hear that from you. Really appreciate it.

    Losh :D
    Really nice to hear from you. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

    Jose :D
    Thanks, I think so too. it means a great deal to hear that from you. I really appreciate your kind words.

    Horsoon :D
    Thank man, I really appreciate. yeah, it came out kinda well. Thanks.

    MieTeng :D
    Thanks, I really appreciate it. I think so too, and I'm glad I got to sit and rethink my priorities. Thank you, once again.