Thursday, September 30, 2010

Galle Face Skies

Okay, quick post, Cause I have to show these pictures to you guys. I couldn't wait till my exams were over. Last week on Saturday, after a very hard day of work I decided to drop in to Galle face to enjoy the breeze. The atmosphere was awesome and I agree, it is now the best place to hang out. There is no other place where you'll get what you get there. The sun set, the cheap food and the kites, Just awesome.

Okay the main reason I went down there was cause I had never gone there after I got my new gadget, and that particular day the sky looked awesome. Check these out,

Now you see, what I mean?

I love the colors in this one, and the guy there has done a good job with leaving the foot steps behind and all.

The navy boat in a distance and the sun, what more can you ask for?

This picture was taken a few days before the Galle face visit. Gave me the chills when I saw it. What do you think?

Sorry about the hurried post. I have to be in class at 8.30 :P
Hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. Dude...awesome pics! The first two are picture perfect!

  2. Whoaa! Absoultely brilliant pictures!

    Do you have telescopic lense?

  3. The lunatic in me likes the photo of the moon.
    You've captured a pretty side of it.

  4. Dude! These are awesome! Are you taking these with a compact?!

  5. PUTHA!!! :O

    This is ela kiri saha jalaya! :D We should deffa do Galle Face after exams. ;)

  6. wonderful pics! the sky looks amazing

  7. Man the Pentax X90 seem to be a very good camera and of course you have to be a good photographer to be there and capture them! Thanks for sharing

  8. Amazing beauty of the sunset. It doesnt matter where on earth u are.

  9. Ah here's ur blog!

    Great pics. esp the moon, how'd u zoom so far out

  10. Pseudo :D
    Thanks, it means a great deal to hear that from you. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it.

    K :D
    Thanks K, as usual for your very kind words. No, I'd love to have one though. The pentax has 26 times optical zoom and thats what makes the moon look so big. Thank you once again, I really appreciate it.

    Gallicissa :D
    Thanks Amila, I'm really happy to hear that from you. Means a great deal to me. I really appreciate it.

    Scrumps :D
    Thanks, It means a great deal to hear that from you. I dunno what to call it. It's a more like a bridge camera, and it has a great 26X zoom. Thank you once again.

    Chavie :D
    Thanks man, mans a lot to hear that from you. Yeah we should do that definitely. Galle face and lunch. Thank you once again.

    Silent :D
    Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. I think so too. it was wonderful to be there and see it change colors. Thank you.

    Magerata :D
    Thanks man, I't so great to hear that from you. Yeah it has done a good job capturing it. And I love it. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it.

    Sachira :D
    I know man, I loved it hat day. Thank you for your awesome comments as all ways. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

    Whako :D
    Thanks man, I really appreciate your comments. And it's good to see you over here. My camera has 26X optical zoom :) The one you saw that day. Thank you once again for your comments.


  11. You know, as long it has a beach and a sunset, it's always gonna be the best place to enjoy the breeze and find peace of mind.

    The first two photos are just damn amazing. You captured the colors and the effect. Like it tells a story.

    Hmm, goodluck in class! I wonder what it is you study about. :)

  12. I can't get over these photos!! What amazing shots... The colors are spectacular, and the images are so crisp! I am definitely envying your gadget - and locale! ;)

    Thank you for sharing!! :))

  13. omggggg!
    the first picture doesnt even look real! it's like - out of a freaking magazine/movie. sri lanka is gorgeous huh? :)

    the last one DUDE>!! love it.

  14. these are too beautiful.
    amazing shots as always ~
    :D keep up the great work!

  15. The moon shot is simply amazing!

  16. Awesomeness! Love love LOVE the first and the last!