Saturday, March 6, 2010


I was really tired that day, after the very boring lectures. I supposed to meet a few friends later that evening. I was to do some discussing with them about this documentary we were doing. Any way I got there too early as usual. I tend to go very early to places. One of my wired attributes of many. I have noticed people getting really frustrated when I arrive early, I don’t care any way.

I had about two hours to kill. On my way I thought, I’ll play Sudoku till my friends come. I did end up playing Sudoku for a long time, which I’m obsessed with. Still I had almost an hour left.
I thought I’d take a walk. I usually take long walks; another weirdness of mine, which people think is stupid. I love looking at shit. That’s what makes me walk. So I start walking. Looking what Wellawatta-ians(if that is even a word)were up to that day.

 Suddenly I hear this lovely voice calling out to me. A voice that sounded so familiar, so known. It sounded as though it was calling out my name. She was singing my name in different tones and pitches. As the signals of her voice grew stronger and started mesmerizing my mind, I could feel my feet getting swifter. I start walking to the voice. And around the street corner, my oh my, didn’t I see her, in all her glamour and majesty. It was my love, my best friend, my obsession, my home away from home my better half. It was her, my love who I managed to forget so conveniently.

Little did I know that I was so close to the beach, she was right there under my nose. Since I was a little kid I have been attracted to the beach in many obscure ways. She has been such an attraction I would do anything to spend a moments hours with her. She is somehow present in most of the moments that hold a special place in my heart.

And at that moment, when i saw her, I fell in love again, so fast and so innocently, it was like we never departed.

That evening, this is what she offered me at the shore in Wellawatta.

    The sun is almost there. Waiting to go down and cool =D

If you look closely you'll be able to see the world trade center in Colombo. This is how Colombo looks like from wellawatta.

    You can see Mount-lavinia far away. It's one of the best places i love to hang out. Especially this place called Boo-Baa. It's right after the Mountlavnia Hotel, towards Moratuwa.

Thus ends the story about my lustful relationship with the beach.
 I hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. Enjoyed I did man... you've written it beautifully! And awesome pics... :D Your love for the beach reminded me of this! :D

  2. The wave crests approaching the rocks in the 2nd picture is an excellent shot!

    Obessesion's not supposed to be healthy, but this one's an exception I guess :) Your lady-love's very beautiful and serene..

  3. Thanks Chavie. Thanks to you, Mr. Inspiration. Ha ha gg's blog
    I love her pictures. Amazing =)

    Even if it's not healthy I wouldn't think twice about her =)
    Thanks Losh. You think so? Awwww. I'll tell her that.


  4. You play sudoku..same here :)

    Lovely pictures and I love that stretch as I go pass there almost every wkday.

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  6. I have a lustful relationship with the beach as well.

    Soulmate of mine ya know?

    Nice pics man.

    AND awesome HEADER :)


  7. thanks black.

    I thought i was the only one. Glad your on my boat.

    Soul mate, interesting =P (cough cough)

    thanks black. I really appreciate you dropping by.

    The header pics are from my roof top. My first post is about that. You should take a look.


  8. Thanks k. I really appreciate you dropping by. Yes i loved the post you wrote about the beach.

    Sudoku is taking up half of my life =D
    Glad I found a partner =P