Wednesday, March 17, 2010

look what i found!

It was almost a year since we got Lassie, a one of a kind German shepherd. She's one of those dogs who doesn't give a shit. No matter who comes in to the house, I've never heard her growl. She's too friendly, i would say!

One fine day I was playing fetch with Lassie, with a wretched tennis ball. Lassie gets hyper at odd times. She some times can't stop running around the house. I do this wired slow dance to make Lassie hyper. This day I did it bloody well, and God, din't she start running. I heard my mom yell from the kitchen, asking me to stop messing with the dog. I did.

The ball was missing, the one which was in Lassies mouth. I started looking for it around a bushy tree my grandma had planted. And look what I found!

I didn't go to mess with the nest, it looked so fragile.

Later that evening I was able to capture this.

Another picture from my roof top, the best one I would say!

I hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. How many birds in there? 2 or 3?
    Your roof top seem to be a damn good place to spend the evening!

  2. They're gorgeous. 3 of them?

    shocking how the same trees and landscape can look so different. Just compared it with your first post. Would have left a link back, but being the tech genius that I am, I have no idea how to do that:p

    You're right about this being the best shot as yet. superb colours! :)

  3. Thanks k.
    There were 3 little fellas inside. Lets have a barbecue or some thing over at my place. Can enjoy the sunset and all:D
    will love to have you guys over.
    Thanks k for dropping by.

    Losh :D
    Very nice of you to drop by.
    Yes you are right, there were three of them.

    Almost all pictures are different from each other. The sky changes color from time to time. I guess it's because the sun changes places from time to time. I assume you would have identified the two coconut trees.
    We are on the same boat Losh:D, I still don't know any thing, especially to do all the fancy stuff.
    Thanks again for dropping by. Thanks for your comment.


  4. OMG...arent those PolKichchas???cuteeeeeeee
    do you know that you take super great pictures???it's beautifullll...

    am i invited???
    and post more pictures..oki???

  5. Yes they are Polkichchas..... How do you know?
    Any way, it's really nice to see you over here.
    All my pictures, kallu kella takes for me! so all the credit to her:D
    Yes you are invited, අනිවා!
    Thanks Penny :D


  6. Who's Lassie? :S

    Beautiful pictures man! Both the sunset and the little birdies! Love it how Kalu Kella has managed to focus onto the birds instead of the nest around them... (My cam's pretty crappy at focusing on the right spot! lol) :D

  7. Thanks chavie!
    It means a lot :D
    Lassie is my dog =)
    Yeah kalu kell is pretty good at that!
    Thanks for dropping by!


  8. Its nice to know the mother bird is comfortable nesting so close, you can watch them grow, maybe from that roof top of yours withy the pretty sunset views.

  9. Thanks Glennis for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it! I was lucky to spot the birds. Thanks for dropping by :D

    Sure thing K :D


  10. These are not Polkichchas (Oriental Magpie Robin), but Demalichchas - Yellow-billed Babbler. And old English name for this was Seven Sisters - as their flocks were deemed to have 7 members. The aforementioned Sinhala name is derived from Demala + ichcha. The latter half of the name is used as a loose term for smallish birds in Sinhala. i.e. Battichcha

    Why it is called Demala + ichcha is because they can be noisy as a flock at times - just like a group of Thamils according to the Sinhalese people who invented this name.

    This well-established Sinhala name therefore can be a bit racist one and should be used carefully especially in front of Thamils.

  11. WOW!, Galilicissa!
    It.s like magic to see you comment on my blog :D
    really, I was thinking the 7 sisters were "polkichchaas". Any way, thanks for dropping by, It means a great great deal to me :D Really!